Licensed Clinical Professional

Join Our Team

Pecan Branch Counseling, an established practice in Denton, TX, is seeking a licensed psychologist, LPC, LMFT, or LCSW to work with adults and/or adolescents.

You: You are fully licensed and love doing clinical work but lately where you are isn’t matching with who you want to be.  Sometimes you just don’t see the impact you are making, wonder if there is something more, and occasionally feel burned out.  You have an area of expertise (depression, anxiety, trauma, EMDR) and an ideal client you would like to target.  You know that things take time and are willing to build up a to part time and even full time practice but going out on your own seems overwhelming.  Thinking about how to get started, pay for it all, find clients, marketing, and make a profit shuts you down.  You like working as a part of a team.  You are direct, assertive, and committed to being ethical and knowing your craft.  You fantasize about being in private practice but the fear of all the unknowns stops you in your tracks.

Us: We are an established practice with a positive reputation and Google rating in Denton, TX.  We have relationships with the community which results in referrals of adolescents and adults that utilize insurance or are self-pay.  We keep the office environment positive and as stress free as possible by having difficult conversation with each other in order to clear the air.  We support each other and make sure that clients are matched with the RIGHT therapist because that keeps our counselors and clients happy.

What to expect: If we are a good match and you are invited to join Pecan Branch Counseling, we will get to know what you are great at, who you want to work with, and focus on filling your caseload with the kind of clients you love. It takes time to grow and build but you will LOVE the caseload you see. Your schedule will be determined by you, office space available, and the kind of clients that you want to work with.

Benefits: We provide referrals, optional insurance-panel participation, office space, administrative support, marketing, EHR system, and billing support.  Your clinical pay will be determined by your caseload. We focus on insurance panels that have fair reimbursement, and market to private pay clients as well.  If interested, please forward your resume and letter of interest to Cyndi Doyle at