You remember the joy and fun that the 2 of you had in the beginning and how things use to be in the relationship but it’s so different now.

Now you feel so disconnected from each other, almost like you are living 2 separate lives and you feel so alone.

Small communications which seem like they would be easy lead to fights. You fight over stupid little things over and over again and don’t know why. 

You’ve tried to explain what you need over and over again only for nothing to change.

There is hurt from all the little cuts that have happened along the way which have caused you to feel resentful.

There may be big cuts and betrayals that happened that feel impossible to overcome, to let go of, and to move beyond.

You sometimes wonder if it would be easier alone but it’s not really what you want.

This relationship, the way it is, is just not working for you.

What you really want is to feel connected to each other.

You want to be able to have productive conversation and conflict without it blowing up.

You want to feel heard and understood by your partner.

Find the feelings that you once had for each other, move past the hurt, and experience a deeper level of intimacy in your relationship.

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