You lack passion and desire for the things that once brought you joy.

You feel like there is a 100 pound weight that you have to drag around with you everywhere!

You lack energy and drive and keep waiting to feel motivated to do the things that you need to get done.

Somedays the thought of getting out of bed is just too much.

It’s difficult and dang near impossible to focus on the smallest of tasks.

You feel sad, flat, helpless and incapable.

It’s negatively impacting your relationships, your job or your school work. You find it near impossible to connect to others.

Somedays you feel it is stealing everything you have worked for and built. You see things slipping through your hands and yet you can’t even find the energy to care some days.

There are days when you just feel like ending it all.

You are tired of faking it.

You want to feel energized by the world and the people around you.

You want to want to embrace new experiences and people again.

You want to engage in and feed your relationship and you want to feel like a productive part of the world.

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